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Discussion 1 to Ask the Patriarch 23
A suggested response

by Marshall

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This is a funny way to respond to them:

Dear Ahamba,

Thank you for your nice letter. It is with great sorrow that I write to you, as John was the 14th member of the Pierce family to die in an autocrash in Nigeria. While these terrible accidents have afforded me, my wife and our cancer-stricken daughter many delights with the monies willed to us, we are nevertheless devastated.

Tell me, how does one recover from such consistent and awful tragedy? Ah, you are only a lawyer, an appointed counsel. Surely you have grown jaded after years in your profession. But any kind words for a naive God-fearing men like myself would be a great comfort in these terrible days.

I will be in Nigeria in 2 weeks to wrap up the funerals of the 14 other wealthy and dead Pierces who were recently killed, so why don't we meet in person? I would be my pleasure to buy you a drink and chat about John.

M. Pierce