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Discussion 4 to Ask the Patriarch 15
Re: Why are people so stupid?

by: B.

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I believe that human beings (especially Americans) have become lazy to a point that is simply embarrassing.

What was the last book you read? And, no, magazines do not count.

I'm also sick of people who give it up "to a higher power". I understand that, for example, you can no longer deal with a family member due to an addiction that they have no control over. But once that "loved" one changes, and you still shun them... well, go "jebus". Some brotherly love.

And, if you "give it up to a higher power" and you are the one in control of your hand raising a mug of beer to your lips, or snorting a line of who knows what, or any other addiction humans try to pass off as someone else's fault... well, then you are weak. Its your choice.

Addiction is a difficult situation. You can stop. Don't blame it on your mother or father. Don't blame it at all. Just get over it.

A lot of "born again" Christians are liars! They are condescending, finger-pointing liars! And that is BS.

I believe in being a decent human being, love thy neighbor. But I also believe in realizing you too are imperfect. Love one another and love yourself and strive to be the best human being you can be.