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Discussion 3 to Ask the Patriarch 4
Michael C Phillips redux

A follow up to Ask the Patriarch 4

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I thought I'd heard the last from this fellow, but no! He's back! On 21 May, 2003 Michael C Phillips submitted a new application for ordination.

Rather than simply trash this new request, I took the trouble to reply:


I'm so glad to see your spelling has improved remarkably over the past year. And it has been just over a year since I last heard from you.

I will be happy to consider ordaining you as a Minister in the Apathetic Agnostic Church once I receive from you:

  • a solemn oath declaring that you have irrevocably renounced the Christian faith and your Christian Ministry;
  • a further solemn oath that you truly understand and accept the three Articles of Faith of the Apathetic Agnostic Church;
  • a statement that you understand that for a proclaimed Christian to falsely accept our three Articles of Faith is equivalent to denying Christ three times with less justification than Peter had for his three denials;
  • an article suitable for publication under your name in the Meditations section of the Apathetic Agnostic web site explaining how and why you have converted to Agnosticism from Christianity; and finally,
  • a statement why, as a newly converted Agnostic, you continue to use a UCFM (United Christian Faith Ministries) email address.

This should not be a challenge for someone intelligent enough to abandon belief in tired old fairy tales.

Of course, if this was just another nuisance application, then perhaps you might consider submitting an article for the Talk Back section of the web site. Depending on its quality, I might consider recommending you for a free Masters degree from IUN, but I could not possibly consider your ordination.

Best wishes

John Tyrrell