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Discussion 1 to Ask the Patriarch 4
The Michael C Phillips Saga continues

A follow up to Ask the Patriarch 4

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Incredibly on 27 April 2002, less than two weeks after receiving the message rejecting his ordination application, Reverend Phillips submitted a new application for Church membership and a separate application to IUN for a Bachelor of Adequacy degree - an application which required him to respond to the statement "My assessment of myself is that I am just about good enough:" with a "Yes." The University was pleased to award him with this degree. And once again his membership application went into the dumpster.

But I must point out I doubt he really is qualified for a Bachelor of Adequacy degree - I don't think he is anywhere near to being "just about good enough." As of this writing, he has not managed to fix the spelling mistakes on his web site that I pointed out to him. And, amazingly, he could not even spell his name correctly on his degree application nor in his email address, spelling Phillips as philllips; a sticky "l" key, I guess. And if you check his mailing address on his web site (where he wants us to send donations), he lives in "burligton,north carloina." Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Not only can this clown not spell his own name, he cannot spell his city or state either. Clear evidence of his inadequacy!