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Discussion 3 to A Miscellany 298
Another Design Proposal

by: Kristine Robinson

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I was looking at all of the suggestions, and none of them really seem all that intuitive to me.  Especially the chain Rock used, I'm having difficulty understanding how it represents agnosticism.  I like the lightbulb that we've been using.  However, if we have to change, it should be one that screams "I really question the existence of God/s".  None of the proposed logos do that for me.

Of course, if we're apathetic enough, we don't need a logo image at all, but that's just me being facetious.

So I've cobbled together a (very) quick design that I think does actually convey agnosticism.  Sorry, I'm terrible with computer programs, so this is made with an actual paintbrush, however maybe one of our more computer savvy artists can turn it into a clean graphic.

I've kept the lightbulb, we're shining light on the issue.  The filament is a question mark to show that we question, and in the middle of the question mark we have the Greek letters Alpha and Omega, to show what we question.  I rather wish I could find something that could symbolise all religions, rather than a symbol which most often refers to Jesus, but it's the best idea I could come up with.

Agnostic Light Bulb

For those who want to work with Kristine's full size original
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