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Discussion 2 to A Miscellany 171
Guilty! But only a slap on the wrist.

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In separate jury trials, Dale and Leilani Neumann were found guilty of reckless homicide.

Unfortunately in October, the judge who could have sentenced them to 25 years in jail sentenced them each to six months jail time. Six months! And they serve it at just one month a year for six years.

The judge apparently told them they were very good people who made a bad decision. Come on! This pair of crazy religious nuts have not shown the slightest sign of remorse. They are not good people! They are irresponsible religious fanatics who have not learned a thing out of their experience. They are still protesting that they did the right thing and deny any responsibility for their part in the criminally negligent death of their daughter.

For the benefit of children everywhere, a message needed to be sent to those who have the same crazy religious beliefs as the Neumann's. The judge failed miserably. And the judge particularly failed all those children of parents unfortunate enough to believe in prayer instead of proper medical care (not that religious parents should not have the right to add copious amounts of prayer to medical treatment.)