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Discussion 2 to A Miscellany 97
On Christian Bashing

by Dawn Wessell (website)

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In response to your initial post, it's not a matter of Christian bashing - but a matter of determining truth (veritas).

The Christian church demands a certain amount of obedience, although Evangelical churches are more lenient, but only to a degree. However, if you have ever lived in a small predominantly Roman Catholic town - you will understand the stronghold the powers that be have on the people - rule by fear, subtle fear but fear none-the-less.

It is so in all churches and for those who will oppose such, they will be ostracised. The churches are not what you think they are, the very foundation is one of repression and indoctrination - this should disturb you. But then perhaps you don't really know the institution all that well because if you did, you would bash too.