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Discussion 1 to a A Miscellany 5
We can't pick and choose

by: Dawn Wessel (website)

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If you remove Moses then you must remove everything else in the Bible because the two tablets are the very foundation for not only the O.T. but the new as well.

What about the book of Genesis? The story of Adam and Eve sounds like something from a fairytale! And what about the story of the giants who were offspring of angels and human women? Should we remove the book of Genesis because it's just too weird?

The book of Ezekiel sounds really bizarre too; a beast with four heads, the head of a man, lion, calf and eagle. Will you eventually disregard that one also?

It is strange that archeologists have found no evidence of the Hebrews 40 yrs in the desert - that is perplexing but perhaps they're digging in the wrong place - it wouldn't be the first time. Apparently God guided the Hebrews supernaturally with a 'pillar of fire' by night, this would have left a mark on the sand of some sort but archeologists would attribute that to a meteorite or some other natural phenomenon. Yes the story is unusual, but half of the Bible is strange - consider Revelation in the New Testament!!!

If you can't find an answer for something then just remove an entire book - that way you don't have to deal with it - that is a coward's way out. We can't pick and choose we must take the whole package or none of it!!!