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Discussion 2 to Meditation 1051
One Free Bite

by: John Tyrrell

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Once again, Herbert and Catherine Schaible managed to get before a judge to determine whether they should indeed be tried for murder. And this Wednesday once again, a judge ruled that a charge of third degree murder is appropriate - in this case.

What is disturbing in a way is that the judge indicated that his ruling might have been different had it not been for the previous death of a Schaible child "under strikingly similar circumstances."

Apparently, the death of a child due to complete reliance on prayer rather than medical intervention is similar to the policy of a dog getting one "free bite."

It seems to me that criminal responsibility for the death of a child due to reliance on prayer should not be based on direct personal experience of a similar event. Parents should be capable of learning from the prior experience of others - enough children die already thanks to reliance on prayer without giving parents a free pass.


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