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Discussion 4 to Meditation 1036
Marriage for love bizarre?

by: JT

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Just when you think the arguments against same-sex marriage could not get more over-the-top, Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League steps up to meet the challenge by claiming love has nothing to do with marriage; in fact connecting love and marriage is bizarre.*

According to Donohue in an interview on Current TV:**

“This idea of two men getting married is the most bizarre idea in human history.”

"... everyone knows in their right mind that the whole purpose of marriage is to have a family. It's not about making people happy. It's not about love.

“Marriage has nothing to do with love.”

“It's one of the most bizarre ideas in the whole world. The idea that you fall in love to get married. Usually it's a form of duty”

Mrs. Donahue (if there is one) has not publicly commented on this.

One of the stories I remember from nearly 60 years ago in Sunday School is the tale of Jacob and Leah. It's a story about marriage for love. According to Genesis 29:18 Jacob loved Rachel. And he said, “I will serve you seven years for your younger daughter Rachel.” As Rachel's father, Laban, pulled a fast one on Jacob by substituting the older sister, Jacob ended up serving for fourteen years in order to marry the woman he loved.

That's from the Bible. Joseph married for love. He served another man for fourteen years to do so, he was so much in love.***

If Bill Donahue wants to claim that “Marriage has nothing to do with love” and “It's one of the most bizarre ideas in the whole world," then Bill Donahue does not know his Bible.

Of course it's a story he wants to ignore for other reasons. The tale of Jacob and Rachel is inconvenient to anyone who claims that traditional marriage is between one man and one woman. Jacob gets married to two women, and gets it on with both of them and their maidservants.

Marriage for love is not bizarre at all, not even according to the basic document of Catholicism.



* For an opposing view from another Catholic icon:

** Source interview - watch to see Donahue walk blindly into the Leviticus trap after he quotes the man lying with a man rule.

*** Genesis is silent on Rachel's view on this. As per Kim Watson's earlier comments in this discussion - she was just property in the world of traditional biblical marriage.