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Discussion 3 to Meditation 967
The position of women under Pope Cartman

by: JT

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As mentioned in the opening article, (and earlier in Meditation 741) the Pope is bending over backwards to bring the Society of Pius X back into the fold. While they don't currently respect his authoritah, Benedict has made a number of concessions overturning changes made in Vatican II to bring this authoritarian sect back under his own authoritah.

This week the Society of Pius X made the news in Arizona - strangely enough, the sports news. A high school, Our Lady of Sorrows, run by this fundamentalist sect, forfeited the state baseball championship by refusing to compete against a team which - horror-of-horrors - had a female second baseman. According to Our Lady of Sorrows high school "Our school aims to instill in our boys a profound respect for women and girls." Apparently that respect is achieved by refusing to respect their equal rights.

The two teams met twice in the regular season, and the games proceeded only because young lady in question chose not to play "out of respect" for the religious views of the other team. However, understandably, she wanted to play in the championship game. Too bad the fundamentalist Catholics could not show the respect for her beliefs that she showed them.

But the whole issue is indicative of the position of the Society of Pius X towards women. Women should not vote; women should not receive higher education; women should not wear trousers; women should not work; women exist solely to have babies.

These are the people the Pope wants to welcome back into the Catholic Church. Because once he convinces them he shares enough of their views, they will respect his authoritah.

And as demonstrated by the Pope clamping down on nuns having the nerve to think for themselves, the Pope may be quite in accord with the Society of Pius X on the proper place of women.