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Discussion 2 to Meditation 967
Pope Cartman XVI to Vatican whistle blowers: "Respect my authoritah!"

by: JT

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The past cover-ups of child abuse by priests continues to rise up and bite the Catholic Church.

In Ireland, it turns out that Cardinal Seán Brady, Catholic Primate of All Ireland was involved in the 1975 secret investigation of child abuse allegations against Father Brendan Smyth. According to Brady, he was just a "note-taker" in the investigation. But his notes showed he interviewed the accuser in the absence of his parents and swore the young boy to secrecy. He obtained from the boy a list of names and addresses of other young boys abused by Smyth. Brady interviewed at least one of those other boys privately, also swearing him to secrecy. At no time were parents of these other boys made aware of the allegations.

One of those victims was abused by Smyth for another year after Brady's secret investigation, that boy's sister was abused by Smyth for another seven years and then Smyth went to work on the boy's four cousins. All of this after Brady's secret investigation.

And Brady, after doing sweet bugger-all to protect Irish children after doing sweet bugger-all to warn parents of the victims, and after doing sweet bugger-all to alert civil authorities to a predator pedophile, and thus through inaction protecting the predator and permitting him to freely continue abusing children, was rewarded through steady promotion to become the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

Covering-up crime - that's apparently the route to success in the Catholic Church.

At the same time Brady's past was being exposed, a trial in Pennsylvania showed the opposite side of the coin - what happens in the Catholic Church when a priest acts to protect the children of his parish.

A Monsignor William Lynn, 61, is currently on trial charged with child endangerment for helping the archdiocese keep sexual predators on the job. His defence is apparently that he was just following orders from his boss, the late Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, Archbishop of Philadelphia.

In any event, it has come out at the trial that in 1996 a Father Michael Picard rejected a transfer of another priest into his parish because of rumors of sexual abuse. Picard acted to protect the children of his parish. He wrote to the Cardinal that there were so many problems for priests and the church, he thought he would stop this one. Bevilacqua ordered Picard to apologize for not accepting his directions and ordered him to take a two-week retreat to reflect on his actions. Bevilacqua also made sure that Picard was not promoted to Monsignor as long as the Cardinal was alive.

Picard acted. The Church stomped on him. Brady covered up. He got a Cardinal's beanie.

Covering up is what the Church wanted. Have things changed?

There have been numerous leaks to the Italian press about corruption in the Vatican. Last week the Pope acted. He appointed the head of Opus Dei, Cardinal Julian Herranz, to investigate. To investigate the corruption? Of course not! Herranz was appointed to investigate the whistle blowers. It is more important to punish those exposing corruption that it is to deal with corruption.

The Pope's priority remains covering up. And as for those who respect his authority - that has to be their priority too.

In the Catholic Church of today as it has been from its beginning, it is the Seán Bradys that get rewarded, not the Michael Picards.

Cover up. Just follow orders. Respect Pope Cartman's authoritah!