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Discussion 2 to Meditation 958
Gallup contradicts the facts

by: Paul W Sharkey

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This “Gallup Health Ways Well Being Index” report is not just misleading, it exactly contradicts the facts. For example, Mississippi ranks first in religiosity but dead last as measured by objective health status indicators while Vermont ranks high in health status and low in religiosity.[1][2] If “well being” is meant to connote only mental health, then how does one explain the fact that Utah which ranks high in religiosity also ranks high in the prevalence of mental illnesses. [3] Even if one were to take “happiness” as the meaning of “well-being” then how does one explain that most of the states that rank high in religiosity also rank high in rates of depression? [4] Again, this report is not just misleading, it promotes and perpetuates a falsehood -- in short, a lie! One can only wonder why?




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    Utah leads the nation in rates of depression

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