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Discussion 3 to to Meditation 953
An Abomination

by: JT

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Continuing with the theme of the discussion, Michael Kindt blogged on the issue of bible translation recently on cagle.com.

Abomination! by Michael Kindt

Kindt writes: A Bible says what it does because that’s what translators think it should say. Translation is judgment that occurs word by word. Bibles that claim to be literal are not.

He goes on to discuss Abominations.

[Abomination] occurs 142 times within [the KJV's] pages. On the other hand, the word does not occur at all in the New Living Translation, Contemporary English Version, New Century Version, or New International Readers’ Version. Yep, lots of things in the King James Bible are ABOMINATIONS!, while in those other Bibles absolutely nothing is an ABOMINATION! Again: translator judgment.

He also discusses the Greek word used by Paul, arsenokoitai, generally translated as homosexual and points out: There was a common Greek word for homosexual behavior–paiderasste–that Paul, a learned and well-read man, was well aware of yet chose not to use.

If you want to to a web search on arsenokoitai, you'll find that quite a few experts in Greek would rather translate it as something like male temple prostitution (apparently there were gigolos for the ladies as well as female prostitutes available) rather than homosexuality. Others find it may be a reference to masturbation. It's quite probably that Bible translators got Paul wrong on this issue. Isn't that an abomination?