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Meditation 914
Critique of Religious Faith
Religious Beliefs Are Harmful (Part 7)

by: Fred Leavitt

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Other People Also Get Messages From God

Voices told young mother Jennifer Cisowski to test her faith in god by repeatedly slamming her infant son to the ground and down a flight of stairs. She said she believed he would rise from the dead if her faith were strong enough. Deanna Laney believed that god ordered her to kill her children. She did. Teresa Ann Archie shot her daughter after becoming convinced the 16-year-old was possessed by Satan. She told police Shavon's last words were, "Mama, don't shoot me, I love you." She replied, "I know, Baby, but I have to do the Lord's will." Andrea Yates received communications from God telling her to kill her five children. So she made them breakfast and then methodically drowned each one. Lashuan Harris dropped her three young boys over the railing on Pier 7 to drown in San Francisco Bay. Her psychiatrist testified that Harris believed God had told her to put her boys into the Bay.

God sometimes commands people to commit mass murders. George W. Bush told the Palestinian Foreign Minister, "God told me to invade Afghanistan and Iraq."

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