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Discussion 6 to Meditation 874
At times the Vatican can do the right thing

by: JT

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After studying the Bible, the Pope announced the Jews are not to be blamed for the death of Christ. Vatican flunkies downplayed the change of policy by pointing out this had been decided back in 1965, so the Pope's announcement was nothing new. Given that, one has to wonder why as recently as 2004, John Paul II was so enraptured by Mel Gibson's anti-semitic splatter flick and allowed himself to be used to promote it.

Righting a 2000 year old wrong does demonstrate that at times the Vatican can do the right thing, albeit at a snail's pace. Child abuse by clergy was identified as a problem at the First Council of Nicea. Do we have to wait until 2325 for that promised policy on child abuse by Catholic priests?