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Discussion 2 to Meditation 874
Another Vatican week slips away...

by: JT

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The Vatican continued its attack on Italian politicians. The head of the Italian Catholic bishops conference, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, spoke of a feeling "moral unease" towards politicians. He did not however, comment on any feeling of moral unease with his fellow clergy. Yet he queried the loss of religion's influence on public life.

While not directly attributable to any Vatican meddling, it was revealed that the small Roman Catholic Diocese of Maribor in Slovenia had managed to quietly run up about 800 million Euros (nearly $1.1 Billion US) of debt thanks to unwise investments, including an investment in pornographic TV. Bankruptcy looms in which case the heavily mortgaged 13thC monastery of Studenice may be available cheap.

Meanwhile, the Pope who apparently does not have personal internet access gave a qualified blessing to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. He emphasized that personal contact is better, not that he has had any online social networking experience on which to base this conclusion.

While continuing in the grand old Papal tradition of pronouncing on matters in which the Pope has absolutely no experience, he let yet another week slip by without producing the promised Vatican policy on child abuse by clergy.

BUT WAIT! Here's some breaking news on Vatican guidelines...

To implement the Pope's announcement on social networking, Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, said his dicastery was working on a set of guidelines with recommendations for appropriate style and behaviour for Catholics online.

Does the Vatican have its priorities straight or what?