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Discussion 4 to Meditation 872
We need to be specific about Satanism

by: Kristine Robinson

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I'd just like to point out that when referring to Satanism, we should really be more specific.  Classic Satanism is a product of the Christian church, and is ultimately theistic in nature.  However, LaVeyan Satanism is atheistic in nature, and as I understand it, does not accept any power higher than the self.  LaVeyan Satanism instead presents Satan as symbolic of various human traits.

As John said, Satanism is not the same as atheism.  However, this doesn't preclude the fact that many Satanists are atheists, and much of the literature on Satanism is geared towards an atheistic viewpoint.

On a side note, I am unsure if this is a general trend, but the atheistic Satanists I have met have all been hard atheists.