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Discussion 1 to Meditation 833
Sin starts the moment you are conceived.

by: Kristine Robinson

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This is no new thing to me. I came upon it a number of years ago, I've even argued with Ray Comfort about it. The line they hold is that sin starts the moment you are conceived. Babies apparently sin against their parents in the womb with thought crimes, and are punished by illness and homosexual tendancies.

My question was always that why would a Christian that believed this ever want to have children? Wouldn't it be better to make yourself sterile and voluntarily suffer an eternity in hell rather than subject your future children to the overwhelming possibility of hell? This would be the place where self sacrifice truly comes into play! And I've always been answered by the same idiocies, "...but God loves us and wants us to strive to do the best by him...", "...God commands us to go forth and multiply...", "...the joy of knowing that my child may go to heaven sustains me..."

None of them ever seem to make the connection that they are voluntarily leading another into sin if they conceive a child, whether it's within wedlock or not.