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Discussion 19 to Meditation 832
Defending the indefensible

by: JT

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I suppose I'm a little at fault here in my brief intial response to your claim that "nothing unknowable can exist." My intention (which I did not spell out) was that you would recognize that some things in the real natural universe (as opposed to a hypothetical supernatural realm) are indeed unknowable. I expected that as a result of that quick example you would either amend your comments prior to publication or withdraw them for further consideration.

But instead, you have chosen to defend the indefensible.

Of course some things are unknowable right now - and some of those things will remain so forever.

Just a few examples -

I suggest that the very nature of the universe from the smallest scale you might consider it to the largest means that it will keep many of its secrets. The very rules you claim make all things knowable actually make some things unknowable.