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Discussion 16 to Meditation 832
Nothing unknowable can exist

by: Christian Bieck

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Reverend Incitatus,

You write "So, that the rational standard of our first article of faith is not deductively concrete is besides the point; it merely has to reside on a firmer inductive grounding than statements like, 'There is a good and living God, who sent his one and only Son to die for our sins' when it comes to living and making decisions."

There is the rub: it doesn't reside on firmer inductive grounding. It is a purely logical statement. Both it and the statement above are based on the assumption that the world is NOT based on a set of (logical and knowable rules). Deductive reasoning is entirely adequate to determine that if the world is based on rules then there is no such thing as the supernatural and the unknowable.

Of course, that is where belief comes in: there is no evidence either way, but I believe we live in a rule-driven world. The rules can in principle be found out, nothing unknowable can exist (and nothing supernatural). You don't believe we live in such a world - then the first article as a statement of faith is fine.