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Discussion 13 to Meditation 832
Defining a Supreme Being (2)

by: JT

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While I have suggested that non-believers should not put themselves in the position of defining what a supreme being is, that view is not unanimous.

For example, on the Why Does God Hate Amputees website, defining God is not enough; they actually develop a "Standard Model of God" complete with 10 fundamental beliefs or core concepts associated with God.[1]

And this may very well be appropriate for what they are trying to do. The target of their web site is the God that answers (or according to them, does not answer) prayer. It's largely the Christian God.

And it says right in the discussion of this "Standard Model": Approximately two billion human beings believe in these fundamentals.

That's less than a third of humankind, and less than half of all believers.

By going into the detail of their standard model, they have narrowed the concept of God - it is less than all the possibilities. It is a God defined for what they are doing with their web site, but such a model does not fit the needs of this site.


  1. Chapter 3 - The Standard Model of God