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Discussion 4 to Meditation 816
Belief stated this way is not science.

by: Gordon Barker

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I am indifferent to the prevailing views on climate change as my opinion of them places them more in the political arena than in the scientific one.

Your claim that climate as it applies to global warming is predictable (or rather not unpredictable) is a very strange one in that there have been (as I stated) 15 periods of warming and cooling over the past 14,700 years none of which are explained. I have never seen a climate model attempt to account for the medieval warming period. The original IPCC report claimed (as has been debunked) that it did not even exist.

My assertion is that the inability of climate scientists to explain the warming and cooling cycles since the last ice age makes their claim of understanding the effect of additional CO2 in the environment unconvincing.

As to my last paragraph, perhaps I should explain that better. I am unmoved with the global warming camp claims to have hundreds if not thousands of climate scientists all of which believe that anthropomorphic genesis of climate change. I find this statement ridiculous and unscientific. If you have proof then publish; if not then I don't care what you believe. Belief stated this way is not science.

Your acceptance of the output of the various climate models as fact is very disturbing. This is not fact, it is a simulation and not a very good one at that. Many factors are not taken into account by the models because the they are not well understood and therefore ignored.

As a case in point I offer an article published in the Houston Chronicle on January 28, 2010 by Eric Berger.

"A pair of climate papers published this week in the world's top science journals may offer some hope that rising levels of carbon dioxide won't imminently bring the planet to boil.

One paper concerns the effect of a warming climate on oceans and other sources of carbon dioxide on Earth, and found they will be slower to release more CO2, and thus do less to amplify warming than previously expected.

The second study analyzed a decline in water vapor - a potent greenhouse gas - in the upper levels of the atmosphere and found that it may have contributed to a decade-long halt in the rise of global temperatures since 1998".

I find two things interesting in this quote. The first is that CO2 perhaps doesn't amplify warming as much as previously thought and the second is that levels water vapour are rising and falling in unexpected ways. The article goes on to state that climate models don't include water vapour because it remains poorly understood.

I have not said that global warming (I really prefer the less hyperbolic phrase Climate Change) is not happening. It always happens, has happened in the past and will happen in the future). I am unconvinced that humans are the cause. Can you explain why there is global warming on Mars or did we do that too?

There is lots of science left to do and lots of hype to ignore.