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Discussion 6 to Meditation 815
The Never-Ending Scandal Continues

by: JT

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As was noted in the previous discussion, the latest report on the cover-up of abuse of children by Catholic priests in Ireland found the Vatican tacitly encouraged the cover-up.

As a result, the Irish Prime Minister angrily condemned the Vatican in parliament. According to the BBC* "In a blistering attack, Mr Kenny accused the church of putting its reputation ahead of child rape victims." That seems to me to be a quite reasonable conclusion for the Prime Minsiter to have reached.

But the Vatican promptly recalled the Papal Nuncio from Ireland. There's some good reasons for this - they want to figure out a way to get out of the mess the Church has got itself into. But the Vatican Press office also said of the recall: "Nor does it exclude some degree of surprise and disappointment at certain excessive reactions."

The Vatican is surprised that they are angry in Ireland?

The Vatican is disappointed that they are angry in Ireland?

They consider the Irish Prime Minister's reaction excessive?

What is wrong with these people? Have Vatican officials had their heads up their own asses so long that they think it is normal to be covered in dung?

Instead of grovelling in abject apology; instead of suggesting to the Pope that he visit every Catholic Church in Ireland on his knees begging for forgiveness; instead, these mindless Vatican drones whine about excessive reactions.

A suggestion for Prime Minister Enda Kenny: Don't let the Papal Nuncio or any other Vatican official back into Ireland. They are members of a criminal conspiracy.



* Vatican recalls Irish papal envoy after Cloyne report