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Discussion 3 to Meditation 812
Still More on Russell's Teapot

by: JT

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I notice that I have discussed Russell's teapot in space in Ask the Patriarch 48:
Teapots, Unicorns, & Gods where I asserted "flatly the teapot does not exist today" and again in Ask the Patriarch 177: Teapots in Space where I suggested "it is entirely possible (even if highly improbable) that china teapots are in solar orbit between Mars and Jupiter right now." A bit contradictory, even after accounting for the list of qualifications I provided in Q & A 177 for those teapots to be out there. But in either case, both support the idea I consider Russell's teapot to be a poor analogy.

That said, I recommend this blog entry by "The Maverick Philosopher" providing his opinion from a believer's viewpoint (I think) on Russell's teapot.

Russell's Teapot: Does it Hold Water?