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Discussion 3 to Meditation 777
A Morally Abhorrent Passage

by: JT

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No bastard shall enter into the assembly of the Lord; even to the tenth generation none of his descendents shall enter into the assembly of the Lord.

I don't know of any church or synagogue which enforces this particular biblical passage, I doubt that there is any that does.* Most churchgoers, presented with the idea (without reference to the source) that an illegitimate person along with 10 generations of descendents be should be discriminated against would regard it as morally abhorrent. Yet there it is, written as a law from God in Deuteronomy. How do they rationalize this?

For the most part, they ignore it. They act as if this religious law does not exist.

I tried to find a religious justification.** I managed eventually to find one on a Seventh Day Adventist web site.

The argument was this:

Yeah right - I'm sure everyone can now see how that justification arose out of the 27 words of Deuteronomy 23:2. Or somewhere in the context in which it is written.

No, it's just an invented argument with no valid support, but it allows Seventh Day Adventists to ignore what, for them, is the Word of God.

But let's suppose - it's a reach, but let's just suppose - that the argument is valid.

The law is still morally abhorrent. The illegitimate child had no choice in being born. The illegitimate child had no choice in being dedicated to another god. And the ten generations of descendents had no choice in their parentage. And yet the Judeo-Christian god arbitrarily condemns them - even if they are prepared to follow Him. And even though the followers of that Judeo-Christian god will swear up-and-down on a stack of Bibles that the temple god to which the child is dedicated does not even exist.

It does not matter whether this biblical law applies to all bastards, or merely a subset of bastards - it remains morally abhorrent. Those who claim the Bible is the inerrant word of God have no choice but to take this verse as part of the God 'n Jesus package. It is their god's own commandment, whether they follow it or not.



* I am now better informed. See Meditation 1081

**A non-religious justification for this commandment: The whole tenor of the various Mosaic laws represent a male-dominated culturally-primitive society where women are nothing more than property. Basically this rule exists to make the illegitimate child a non-person with no rights.