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Discussion 1 to Meditation 746
Who is this Doctor Tommy Mitchell?

by: jt

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By searching on the quotation used in Meditation 746, I found that the Answers in Genesis site is currently highlighting that their Doctor Tommy Mitchell was quoted in USA Today.

So who is this Doctor Tommy Mitchell? According to Answers in Genesis, he is "the latest dynamic lecturer to be added to AiG-USA’s growing speaking staff." He is entitled to be called Doctor because he is a physician. His undergrad degree was a major in Cell Biology and a minor in Biochemistry.

This bothers me. Cell biology, biochemistry, and modern medicine are all based very much on evolution. So Mitchell, in turning creationist is essentially denying all his university education. There's nothing wrong with that - provided new evidence has come along to overthrow the old knowledge. Knowledge evolves. But where is the new evidence?

And looking through Mitchell's bio on the Answers in Genesis website, there is no mention of training in theology. Mitchell is criticizing Darwin for not having a Christian worldview, and yet, of the two, only Darwin has a education in Christian theology. Theology was his best subject while at Cambridge.

Darwin's education is not a secret - it is well known and fully documented.

The fact is that Darwin did not allow preconceptions to influence where the evidence led him. On the other hand, if Mitchell actually believes the nonsense he is spouting, then he is allowing his preconceptions to blind him to the evidence. But it remains my opinion that those involved in the Answers in Genesis website and the Creation Museum know that evolution best represents reality. They simply don't trust ordinary Christians to retain Christian belief if the Bible tale of origin is shown not to be literal truth.