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Discussion 2 to Meditation 742
Both teams had a coach

by: JT

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I agree that Jesus or God should have nothing to do with this basketball match.  But the "adults" involved brought in the deity to justify their actions. And the point of the article is that God solves nothing.

I deliberately did not give my own views on which side is more correct. There's really insufficient information at this remove. I think you'd have to be at the game and see how the players on both sides were reacting. However, if the game should have indeed have been stopped early (and there was no "mercy" rule in effect in this league) then either of the two team coaches could have exercised the option. Their responsibility is the same. I'd be careful about pointing the finger at just one of them.

And one other point - when up against a superior opponent, it can be seen as even more humiliating when the opponent deliberately chooses not to go for points, but simply exercises ball control. There are no easy answers, regardless of whether this is considered a moral issue, a sportsmanship issue, or a simple human decency issue.

But we are agreed that bringing God into it does not help, it merely muddies the issue further.