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Discussion 1 to Meditation 742
Christians have no monopoly on ordinary decency

by: Norman Lambert

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Sorry, but I don't see what Jesus or God has to do with this basketball match.  The two teams concerned were clearly ill-matched and in encouraging his team to go for 100 points the coach was encouraging sheer unadulterated bullying of weaker opponents.  It's hardly surprising that a head teacher who was trying to inculcate some finer feelings into his or her pupils should be outraged at such a flagrant disregard for the values of the school. 

The coach is nothing but a bully and deserves to be sacked.  But Christianity has nothing to do with it.  Sure, they invoke Godliness as their aim, but whatever the Christians think, they have no monopoly on ordinary decency and thoughtfulness.  Which is precisely where the church fails; in trying to teach that these virtues come only as a result of a belief in their God.