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Discussion 3 to Meditation 737
Is the decision even important?

by: Friar Will

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I believe your way of answering the question is the best. Personally, I would take it a step further, why is deciding about whether or not there is a God even "important?" Unless you buy into a variation of Pascal's Wager (yes, I know I am taking Pascal out of context, but you know what I mean) or believe for some reason that there is an inherent "cost" in entertaining the possibility of a God, then there is simply nothing riding on the matter--and if you have no incentive to decide, then why bother? Then combine that with positive reasons for being Agnostic: you have standards for believing something, existing arguments for the existence or nonexistence of God do not meet those standards, and therefore you do not wish to compromise your intellectual values by being anything other than Agnostic.

I will end with a story (which I have used before) which illustrates the above point.

The Parable of the Umbrella:

There was a man who lived in a house. One day he decided to go outside, but was not sure whether or not he should bring an umbrella. He asked a theist, who replied, "take an umbrella, for if it rains and you do not have one then you will get wet." He then asked an atheist, who replied, "do not take an umbrella, for if it does not rain and you take one then you will have been unnecessarily burdened." He then asked an agnostic, who replied, "why are you going outside?"