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Discussion 2 to Meditation 731
Her Best Friend

by: Karl Southward

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There was an item by Jeffrey Weiss in the Religion blog of the Dallas News 17 Jan 2008 which I found appropriate to continue this discussion.

Jill Austin was a Christian evangelist well known in some circles who died a few days ago. I was struck by the juxtaposition of a couple of paragraphs in a short obit. Here's how she died:

Austin entered emergency surgery last Tuesday after doctors found that her intestines were twisted and cutting off her blood supply. Parts of her stomach, intestines and colon were removed because of infection.

And yet:

"Our beloved Jill went home to be with Jesus," a statement released by Master Potter Ministries read. "Thank you all for standing with us and praying. She is now with her best friend, Holy Spirit, and dancing with her destiny."

People of less faith might be asking why her best friend let her intestines tie themselves up in a knot.