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Discussion 2 to Meditation 725
As a start, I'll bring back the Chat Room

by: JT

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I think one-on-one videoconferencing is fairly easy today (not that I've ever done it.) I believe all the major internet messaging (im) packages have this capability built in, even free packages. If you have a web cam - you can do it. And some of them do have a multi-participant facility. So I think going down that road just requires a sufficient degree of interest and that those interested should exchange views to come to an agreement on what software to use, and to agree on a co-ordinator.

Text-based chat is even easier to set up. Our previous chat-room was dropped when I last changed our hosting service, and nobody complained that I did not reinstate it. But there is a java-based package available, and I have opened a simple chat room. If nothing else, it can serve as a forum to discuss setting up videoconferencing.

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