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Discussion 2 to Meditation 717
Some Answers

by: Eduardo Carrión Letort

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Just like you, I consider myself an agnostic.  These are the answers I have to your points:

First your questions about god:

“Why did God put Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden?”

He didn’t. The whole thing is just a (nice?) story.

“Why did God create Adam and Eve with such sinful and rebellious natures?”

Same answer as previous.

“Why did God create me with such a sinful nature?”

Again, same answer.

“Did God create us with sinful natures because He wants us to sin?”

No one knows what god actually wants. (This is in the most favorable case for a deity: i.e. He actually exists)

Second, your questions about science:

“Could life really have been originated by simple Evolution even though the odds against that happening are almost insurmountable?”

We really don’t know how improbable life actually is, since we have only a handful of planets where we can test that.

“How could love and compassion come to exist in a dog-eat-dog world in which Evolution requires struggle and fighting to enable the survival of the fittest? “

The maternal instinct seems to be very popular among mammals.

“If love and compassion evolved as part of a survival of the fittest process, do they have any significance beyond the creation and self-preservation of a species?”

Hard to say. For we humans, they are certainly very important, but significance in an absolute sense?  Wish we knew the answer to that one.

“If blind Evolution produced us, will it lead to the development of an even greater species? Or, are we the summit and endpoint?”

The forces of evolution are certainly at work even now. Of course, man has acquired the capacity to direct his own evolution (genetics)

“If there is further evolution and it produces creatures superior to us, how will those creatures look upon us -- as pests or pets or slaves or food?”

I don’t think it is probable that a different species will kick us out of this planet, unless of course we manage to destroy ourselves.

Finally, for the most part I sympathize with you: we can at times be Apathetic, ambivalent, hopeful and curious. And certainly we should be wary and open minded.

Best regards,