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Discussion 2 to Meditation 681
Expelled: Deeply dishonest

by JT

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Recently, a brief trailer for Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed has been in regular rotation as a commercial in the morning newscast.

It shows Ben Stein dressed as a schoolboy, complete with short pants, asking his science teacher to explain the origin of life. And the teacher is incapable of answering the question.

Of course the teacher cannot answer the question. It is something which science does not pretend to have an answer currently. This question has nothing to do with evolution.

Suppose you choose to answer the question of the origin of life with "God" instead of "I don't know." Then it still says nothing against evolution. A "God" could have planted a single reproducing cell on Earth leaving nature to take its course. There is nothing about evolution that is inconsistent with a deity, even though most non-believers find the deity to be an unnecessary complication.

Ben Stein claims to have studied the issue before he came to his Intelligent Design conclusion. It seems that either he is dishonest about actually studying the evolution side of the issue, or he knows evolution does not claim to address the origin of life, and he is deeply dishonest in presenting it as an argument against evolution.