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Discussion 1 to Meditation 629
The purpose of life

by: Bernardo Arroyo

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I agree with Will that the question is not really relevant, but, somehow we humans are question askers and philosophy, religions and agnostic apatheism owe their interesting (if not relevant) activity to these kind of questions.

It might not be relevant why we are here, but simply that we are here. In other words, or as Kant might say: we are here because we can be here. Because it is physically, chemically and biologically possible that we are here.

If we couldn't be here, we simply wouldn't, would we?

And nobody would ask why.

This is similar to the other big question. Why the universe? Some answer: "because god decided it so." Some others say because in the first moment the particles did this and the forces did that and then a big bang or whatever ensued.

I say: "why not?"

It may sound simplistic and unworthy of discussion but it's as good an answer as the other two. Since the universe is here already, do we need reasons for its existence? If the universe did not exist, would there be a need to explain its nonexistence?

I think matter and energy and particles and fields and forces behave they way they do simply because they can. Life arose and we evolved simple because it happened to be possible. So here we are.