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Discussion 3 to Meditation 558
Some questions

by: pr

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i have 2 or so questions. these are for hugo:

using the term evangelical atheist connotates religious thought... a belief
if not in god then in the 'soul' and or of the after-life. as a logical extension if you do not believe in the one then you should not in the others.

there are people that do not believe in god but then go on believing in just as improbable things like the devil or fairies or alien abductions.

does your thought process go one step further in that to think of the 'suspension' of 'belief' in all these unproven things. the universe is controlled by the laws of physics ( by definition ) and what ever is possible under the laws is possible. and yes, there are things that are possible but the chances are that they will not happen in the lifespan of exa-universes ( 1E18 ). so if there is a reasonable possibility of existence then he/she/it exists. but you must define god and reasonable probability. god in the religious sense of most religions i do not see how it could exist. no objective evidence.

but god does exist.... as a manifestation of human psychology and a massive societal state of delusion.

just a meditation.