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Discussion 3 to Meditation 553
Source of the "Antrim Giant" article

by: JT

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A person named Danny took on the challenge in the footnote of my original article of identifying the source of the Antrim Giant photograph. He advises that it was the December 1895 issue of The Strand magazine (rather than my guess for reasons forgotten of the April issue.)

My thanks to Danny for looking this up.

What I find more interesting is that Danny advises he found the information on a web page entitled Giant Humans and Dinosaurs, which reports on the Antrim Giant as if it were a genuine fossil rather than an obvious hoax. But this page, part of Bible Believers which proudly proclaims the second coming of Christ, contains numerous examples of badly (and probably deliberately) misinterpreted science to support creationism and a literal interpretation of the bible.

For anyone wanting a challenge to replace the solved one in the footnote, simply debunk the tales the web page Giant Humans and Dinosaurs spins about the various "fossils" it depicts. I think most of them can be solved via simple web searches.


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