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Discussion 2 to Meditation 525
Culture and psychology play a role

by: Maarten van den Driest

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Although I share the author's revulsion at the published quotes, I would like to add two details which I think are crucial.

First of all, the language may be religious in tone but the message is largely cultural. Just because the KKK claims to act on behalf of God doesn't mean Christianity is absurd.

Secondly, the culture of the bereaved father should be taken into account. Showing grief or any other perceived sign of weakness is severely frowned upon in most Arab cultures today, especially for men.

I would personally draw no conclusion at all as to what the father thinks and feels in private.

Psychology would probably explain that the father has to choices: accept that his son has died a stupid, needless death for a questionable cause and wasn't even succesful doing that, or believe something good will come out of it all. People reason for a large part along their psychological needs, certainly when under stress.