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Discussion 1 to Meditation 517
God's faithfulness cannot be tested.

by Maarten van den Driest

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I can easily see why you couldn't make heads or tails of that quote, it's doctrinally wrong.

Traditionally, it is anathema to test or 'try' God. We are supposed to receive whatever He decides to give us with a thankful heart. Period. Also traditionally, we are all sinners and therefore automatically deserve an immediate death sentence and hell for all eternity. If something else happens, that is mercy and mercy alone. Traditional Christianity can be a frightful thing to see.

As this is inherently a childish system of belief we should not be surprised to see other hallmarks of childishness. I mean the tendency to praise a parent figure. In the same manner as children will invariably boast about their daddy being the strongest man alive (or at least, on the block), so some Christians find delight in calling God all manner of nice things.

God is faithful, in that He is with us, will help us, whatever we do. This faithfulness can be seen, recognised by the believer in his life and sometimes in that of others. This is another thing entirely and certainly cannot be tested.