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Discussion 9 to Meditation 503
Rosanna Shaw: Another psychic fraud

by: JT

He prophets most who bilks the best. James Joyce (Finnegans Wake, p 305)

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The latest so-called psychic to contact me is a supposed "World renowned Clairvoyant" and "Master Practitioner of White Magic" named Rosanna Shaw.[1] In spite of her powers, she wasted money to buy my name from a mailing list, and wasted more money sending me a 10 page letter. This followed essentially the same template as the previous scammers, advising me that I was entering a lucky period (I do seem to get a lot of these lucky periods) and she could help me profit from it.

And about three weeks later, she sent me another long missive, opening with the blantant lie "I've been thinking about you non-stop for the past couple of weeks." Could she really be that desperate for my $19.95?

Now get this - unlike the previous psychic scammers, she included a note intended to cover correspondence crossing in the mail opening with "If you have already accepted my help, please read this note first." And in this note, she wrote: "To be honest, I was sure you would have gotten back to me." What marvellous psychic powers she has! Essentially, she is sure that those who have answered her initial mailing have indeed answered her initial mailing. What are the odds that she could guess that correctly?

Rosanna Shaw, like the others that have sent me a similar scam, is not a psychic. She is a sleezy lying fraud.


  1. Checking her out on Google in March 2010, I found this very article heads the list of search results. Second is her website and the URL is for sale. One fraud is now apparently out of business. Perhaps I played a small part in that through this article. It would be nice to think so.