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Discussion 3 to Meditation 503
What to do about Neelie

by JT

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I am surprised that you have not had a reply from Neelie - I think this type of "psychic" service makes its profits out of getting people to sign up for continuing advice. I would not be surprised if you get a reply in the next week.

I don't think Neelie is based in Canada - she probably just uses an Ontario address for convenience, and the mail is forwarded to somewhere in the USA.

You do have a couple of options.

By using an Ontario address, Neelie does come under the Ontario consumer protection act - however, it seems only to apply to transactions which exceed $50. But still, you could write anyway and see if they can help. (http://www.gov.on.ca/MGS/en/ConsProt/STEL02_045922.html)

It would help them if you still have copies of Neelie's correspondence.

One of the reasons I published my article on Neelie was in the hope that anyone doing a web search on her name would find the article and be warned.

By the way, if you wonder whether it is really possible for someone to psychically give you winning lottery numbers based on your birth date, consider that the numbers for lotteries such as the 6/49 are drawn based on all the possible combinations, not on tickets sold. Your decision whether or not to buy a ticket has no impact on the winning numbers. The same numbers will be drawn whether or not you buy a ticket. So - the potential winning numbers are exactly the same for everyone and have nothing to do with your birth date.

Take care