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Discussion 2 to Meditation 447
They are logical possibilities

by Dan Shanefield

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I can see the logic of all the points that Maarten van den Driest made. What I was saying in Meditation 447 is intended as an answer to religious believers who claim there is no logical way the human eye could evolve without God, so therefore there has to be a God (even if unprovable).

My answer is that there is a logical way (although unprovable also), in the string theory's many universes (thus many trials). Or possibly by the expand-and-collapse oscillation theory of Meditation 399 (and thus many trials, also).

OK, thinking of possibilities (all unprovable at present) doesn't mean that any of them are actually true. But these scientific theories are at least "logical," So the religious people are incorrect when they say there is no logical way the human eye could have evolved by trial and error.

The religious explanation is just as unprovable as these two theories. But the scientific theories at least have some possibility that experiments might eventually be devised to prove one of them, and lots of work is being done in that direction. Anyhow, they are logical possibilities.