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Discussion 3 to Meditation 404
Responding to "You're going to Hell"

by syrinxfox

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Maarten van den Driest wrote:

I'd like to end on three points:

  1. Not all Christians are alike, please say fundamentalist when you mean that.
  2. Fundamentalists work with an entirely different concept of truth. Take that into account.
  3. Give up trying to prove anything to them. It doesn't work.

OK, OK... I'll give you some of that...

I know there are "good" Christians out there. My in-laws would fall into that category...

And if "fundamentalists" is a better term... then I'll try to stick with that, (or.. I usually prefer "religious-right").

But I'll stop trying to prove things to THEM when they stop trying to prove things to ME! It's hard to hear you're going to hell so many times without trying to defend yourself. (Especially being a New Yorker in the Bible-belt... not by choice mind you!).

What's the best way to deal with "you're going to HELL....."? Smile and say "thank you"? hmmm... maybe I should try that one... ^-^