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Discussion 2 to Meditation 399
Re: Inflationary Universe

by Dan Shanefield

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Right now, there is not any general agreement among cosmological physicists (astronomers, string theory and relativity specialists, etc.) about whether or not the universe will ever stop expanding and eventually collapse again. The cosmologists are using new observations of far-away stars, followed by very complex attempts to extend the accepted theories (relativity, quantum mechanics, and multidimensional math), so they will fit the new observations. A lot of these scientists are investigating the "cyclic model," whereby the universe keeps oscillating between expansion and contraction forever. For example, you can look up that theory in Wikipedia, by clicking here:

Cyclic Model

A similar model is briefly described here:

Big Crunch

The scientific cosmologists do not claim to have definite proof that any of these theories are true. In fact, some theoreticians are following up the other group of theories, whereby expansion will never stop. Again, this is without definite proof at present, because of our imperfect state of knowledge about "dark matter" and "dark force." Furthermore, we have no scientific information about what it was like before the big bang, or about many other aspects of the "creation" concept.

Dan Shanefield, PhD physical chemist (but not a cosmology specialist).