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Discussion 1 to Meditation 397
The arrogance

by VorJack

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I find the ignorance of the cartoon less bothersome than the arrogance. Again, it's understandable from a five year old, but in their adult counterparts it's a little frightening.

The notion that an entity, capable of creating 100-150 billion galaxies each stuffed with 100 billion individual stars and maintaining it down to the froth at the quantum level, would care about the beachgoing pleasures of a small pack of children is a bit daunting. The universe is a vast and alien place. Its creator, if there is one, must be equally vast and alien. To think that such entity has a "plan" for each of us, is listening raptly to our prayers and really gives a damn about the personal issues we bombard it with is, to my mind, both laughable and arrogant.

But then, I'm probably making too much of a legacy comic whose readership must be in the 60+ category by now. Supposedly, Bill Keene once stated at a comics convention, "Today a comic doesn't have to be funny, it just has to be diverse." (The author of the comic Boondocks believed this was aimed at least partially at him) Don't worry, Bill, you're not in danger of being either.