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Discussion 2 to Meditation 369
Accepting that God is.

by Maarten van den Driest

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There is a simple answer to that ("Why should we necessarily accept that God is good?"): - because He says so.

The (Christian) scriptures are pretty clear on this, as is official theology of most churches. God is not only good, he is all-good.

The not-so-simple answer isn't there. At least not in the minds of almost all Christians. I'd personally begin with asking you how you define 'good'. (Then how you define 'God' but we could just pick an established church theology for that one.)

The solution for Christians, as I see it, is to accept that whatever God may be, he is not a person. This way you don't have to answer all those nasty 'but what if..'-questions. For atheists, the question is nonsensical. I wouldn't even ask it of any deist since you can guarantee beforehand the answer would not fit into your agnostic mind-set. (and vice versa)