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Discussion 1 to Meditation 347
Confusion between Agnosticism
and non-belief in God

by Wayne Carlson

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I often see what appears to be confusion between Agnosticism and non-belief in God. It seems to me that they are separate, distinct issues.

All of us believe or do not believe in many things. Belief is an act of faith, a conscious decision to accept. This is separate from those things that we “know” or do not know. Non-belief in a God can be like darkness (the absence of light) the lack of such a decision or can be a conscious decision to not believe because of lack of evidence, the apparent silliness, or any reason of one’s choosing. It is quite difficult to prove the absence of the non-existent.

Put simply, I do not believe in a God, but, because I do not know absolutely that a God does not exist, I am an Agnostic.