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Discussion 5 to Meditation 340
What's the fuss about?

by Kaye Madison

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I personally don't understand what all the fuss is about. I completely agree with R. C. Greek; Dan Brown has created a NOVEL. It is a book, a work of fiction, and represents itself as such. It never purports to being an historical document, nor does it have to. Already it has provoked an intense opposition, which is thoroughly amusing to me. If the Vatican is so adamant that the story of the bloodline of Christ is purely fictitious, perhaps they shouldn't dignify it with such an excessive response.

Although I do not take any of the Da Vinci Code seriously, I would point out that the documents concerning the Priory of Sion are real, in the sense that they are extremely old documents that DO exist. While most people maintain the extremely valid point that they could have been fabricated (a very real possibility), I would like to take this instance to point out that the bible is likewise an "old document" with a similarly unknown past. I've researched it a little, but while I don't count myself an expert, I can say with clarity that the documents about the Priory of Sion are as credible as the eclectic narrative known as the Bible (although the bible is a lot older).

I suppose the Church decides which "old documents" are the word of God and which ones aren't.