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Discussion 1 to Meditation 340
A further suggestion

by Brooke Lee

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I suppose this is more of a suggestion for an addition rather than a reply to "Don't Read That Book!"

When I first heard Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone had advised Catholics to steer clear of the Da Vinci Code I thought to myself, “While he was at it he should've also added: 'And don't read any history books that the Vatican hasn't personally approved.'”

Then I was struck with the most brilliant of ideas. A plan that not only would decrease the endless time and energy the Vatican must spend on keeping a tight leash on their masses, but would also greatly help Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other religions alike. Not only this but it would also save many trees, lives and keep general fussiness to a minimum.

A drum roll if you please…

Abandon all the holy books of world religions; wipe the slate clean and enter only one simple phrase, “Don't question me!” Thus the problems are solved and as an added bonus, very easy to abide by. In fact you could even add extra emphasis for those rebellious characters that are unwilling to convert, “Don't question me. . . . . Jerk!”

On a side note, I myself have yet to open my copy of the Da Vinci Code. As of now it's stuck somewhere between my mattress and headboard with many a pile of dirty clothes on top. Instead I've been engrossed with The Bible and Sword and A Distant Mirror, both by the same author. Shhhh! It's even a girl and stuff.