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Discussion 2 to Meditation 338
Christians should work it out together.

by Anthony DeLucchi

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I must admit Maarten is quite correct, I support his view of Christianity, but unfortunately even a liberal thinking Christian will be found to be “fundamentalist” when confronted by an “in-your-face” atheist, as for agnostics, most of the time I assume the reaction would be “well fair’s okay with me”.

The point which we must consider is to create a medium where the fundamentalist and the modern Christian can concur, because nobody can move forward when divided from within. The vast differences within Christian Theology, is self evident, after the reformation, fundamental dogmatists were firmly in the catholic fold and forward thinkers were the reformers, but later within the Protestant world divisions were becoming evident. Oliver Cromwell was a typical example of Protestant fundamentalism. Calvinistic thought became an immovable block to progress as bad as old catholicism. I found Wesleyism to be a freer form of belief, where the onus of belief lay with the believer and not the community. This of course is my personal opinion which is open to debate.

In hindsight I would venture to say that at times Christians became their own worst enemies. Look, for example, at the French Revolution. In addition to the feudal system, the Church was also to blame for the excesses against the majority of the people and the deprivation of property and riches. But times have changed, and the reasons for the divisions within the Christian society are largely non-existent but remain alive within the memories of men. I would hazard a guess that is why so many people feel suspicious of anything even resembling religion and are now either agnostic or outright atheistic.